Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Wonders of the Modern World pt. 2

This idea came to be in a dream after I had been using glue sticks and eating toast all day, and frankly I think this is a genius butter application system. Then I find this, you know when you come up with a great 'original' idea and you find out it's already been done, that's Postmodern for you I guess. Much kudos to the company or individual that brought this to the world. This is about as prolific as the printing press. Fuck you Land o' Lakes

The Wonders of the Modern World pt 1.

Words fail to describe a man riding to a tailgate party on his cooler. You would think that the engine being inside the cooler would not help that much in keeping your beers cool for your bros either. Also could you get a DUI on one of these?

More to come, the internet is vast place and saturated with wonderful products like these

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Best and Worst of 2008

-Drinking so much most of the year was forgotten due to increased periods of alcohol induced memory loss

-Finding Jesus in the bottom of a bag of Lay Original potato chips

-Winning first bet over a College Bowl game, Prize: 1/2 of a dinner size portion of General Tso's Chicken from Bruce Lee's No. 1 Dragon Chinese Food

-Finally realizing that in addition to Barry White's music as the premier canon of panty-dropping that it is also great to listen to at work real loud while printing images of lingerie models

-Finally getting around to producing the Catholic Doom Metal band Tabernacle