Tuesday, July 8, 2008

First Off: The AM Manpurse Checklist

1. My valuable hunting knife
2. Pouch of cigarettes
3. Grapefruit spoon, no grapefruit
4. Goin' Granola
5. Toasty turkey sandwich with mayo
6. Tea bags
7. Graph paper
8. Broken Ipod
9. Rollin' papers for number two
10. Black books
11. Spinach pocket [Certified Organic]
12. Monster energy drink
13. Button of a nipple
14. Serrated pairing knife
15. Ohio State Parks Recreational Guide
16. Random scraps of paper and crumbs

Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Ancient Meets the Eighties: Persian Craftsman Combine an Archaic Tradition with Popular Culture

Oriental, or more specifically Persian, rugs have stood the test of time from the age of primitive craftsman to the rise of industry. Running a constant parallel through the rise and fall of various ideologies and religious dogmas, they are exotic, hypnotic, and regal all at the same time. But can something so timeless and archaic become post modern? Like pretty much everything else contemporary design is reinventing the old, sometimes revolting ways, from the simple wooden chair to the hammer all is being rethought to accommodate the mass consumer age. While it seems the west is running out of steam centuries of imperialism and bullying have taught the now emerging countries a thing or two about how to sell a product, especially to western consumers.

With a degree in marketing and advertising at Columbia University that is exactly what Ali Ekbar Turen is doing with his textile company, Bicer Kadife San ve Tic LTD in Turkey. Last week he introduced at a press conference the first ever representational Persian rug handmade by his master craftsman for distribution in America. He chose to use popular Philly Soulsters Hall and Oates as his first design of the 21st century, he is well aware of the 1980's popularity but Turen replies that, "Here in Turkey we are still in the American Eighties, your popular culture moves at an alarming rate and we do not have the time or the resources to keep up with your fast paced consumer life." Despite the rather outdated subject matter in the rug Hall and Oates seem as contemporary as ever, based on their classic eighties record H20 the rug turns down the sexual tension of the two sweaty songwriters in favor of a deep red calm echoing the past. "It really is an original and fascinating piece.", says Robert Gallow of Oriental Rug Zine. "If Jeff Koons had a time machine and traveled back to the days of the Persian Empire this is what he would make." Overall Turen is deeply satisfied with his business and expects that despite the economy in America it will not stop hip consumers from purchasing the rug. In the future he has plans of immortalizing other celebrities in fine stitched wool such as Oprah Winfrey and Clint Eastwood but for now we will have to wait. The Hall and Oates rug retails at $800,00 USD and is available at fine retailers in larger cities or by order through the company's website at

The Top 11 Greatest Things on 07.03.08

1. Microsoft Excel and Vicodin
2. DIY Black Cats
3. Mead
4. Gravel in someone else's shoe
5. Representations of classic pornography made
out of pasta and glue
6. Lisa Frank and Francis Bacon's love child
7. Bunz
8. Zip Ties
9. Futons
10. Party Vans
11. More Vicodin

Toby Keith: Fists of Hate